Horus® Energypyramids®

Horus Energypyramid Model E [incl. filling of rock crystal or rose quartz or amethyst]

Horus Energiepyramide Modell E auf Le Braquet mit Harald Alke
Horus Energiepyramide Modell E auf Le Braquet

Model E is completly different to model D. It opens a channel to the stars, to our brothers and sisters in space. The vibrations of model E are trespassing the energetic field which covers planet earth. There is a shield around earth to give us shelter from hard radiations. This is okay. It is serving our lives. But we have reached a certain state of development where it is good to open our hearts and mind for cosmic contacts. For ourself the vibrations of a model E will be mainly a new kind of creativity and stability.

Sphere of radiation at least 1 km radius, height 360 cm, basis 575x575 cm. Only on binding order, time of delivery 2-3 month, kit from stainless steel, length of tubes 58 m, ca. 200 kg, to be delivered with or without crystal axis. Will be delivered with plan of foundation.
This position price including 20 kg best rock crystal, and including special double acrylic tube for strong orgon effect.

Rates of tall models subject to changes because of international steel prices!


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