Horus® Energypyramids®

Horus Energypyramid Model A

Horus Energiepyramide Modell A

Model A 7,2 inch high has strong effects on our 4.th chakra. You recieve a new feeling of warmth, safeness and closeness within yourself.

This Horus Energypyramid® A stabilizes with it's bioactive powerfield our ability of selfrealisation. It also has an effect from at least 20 yards diameter to purify against negative influences and earth radiations. With daily meditations on the Horus Energypyramid® you will live and sleep peacefully under the shelter of divin forces. Height 18 cm, basis 30x30 cm, 2,3 kg, made from solid brass.

Delivery including bio-condensor-plates, with acryl axis, compass, instruction manual. Model A is always completely fixed on its acryl plate.

Accessories: crystal axis A with gilded caps from about 120 crystal varities, with acryl stands, little disc to place it vertical into model A. Crystal axis and little disc are to order separately.

So you will get the harmonic vibrations from your model A plus the vibrations of the crystal you have choosen. The vibration of whatever you place inside a Horus Energypyramid will be radiated with intensification into the energy field of your pyramid. So please place only matters with good vibrations inside! Place little axis always on the upper level of your pyramid, and on the western corner of the condensaor plates!

To get more power and more beauty you may place your model A on a stand from acryltubes (different length), standing on an acrylplate. Acrylic material is charged immediately by the energy of Horus Energypyramid, and it is working like a condensor. The more disc and rings you add, the more power you will get. In the centre of the acryldisc there are holes to place crystal balls for even more power and beauty. Ø of disc 20 cm with groove for tube of 10 cm Ø, use with crystal balls of 3 - 8 cm Ø.

For model A and B you also can order a stand from stainless steel to place your Energypyramid outside in the garden. Stand made out of one basic steel plate with regulation screws plus 4 steel tube to carry the pyramide, height 80 cm.


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