Horus® little Crystal Rods

Horus® little Crystal Rods

Horus® Kristallstab A Ø 20 mm Acrylrohr, mit vergoldeten Verschlussteilen 70 mm lang, zum aufladen in Energiepyramiden und zum tragen in der Tasche!

Über 120 Sorten verfügbar, aber nicht alle Sorten sind jederzeit lieferbar.
Preisänderungen vorbehalten - besonders die Edelstein-Preise sind abhängig vom internationalen Marktwert in US $ und dem Wechselkurs zum EURO!
Für Kristallstäbe aller Art gilt grundsätzlich der in der Rechnung erscheinende Betrag.

Vertikaler Ständer lieferbar! (Acryldisc, Bestellnr. 5420)

Tourmaline (red) | little crystal rod A

Turmalin (rot)
If you are in trouble it will open your heart to find new joy to overcome the problems.

Variscite | little crystal rod A

He dampens excitations, gives you stability and security and a new sense of purpose. Your physiology is strengthened.

Zoisite | little crystal rod A

He makes you realistic, dampens plated suggestions and gives you new ideas for realizing your tasks.

Chrysopras 1A | little crystal rod A

It's a very special stone. It can help you to reflect the main things in your life and to concentrate on what is really important.

Kunzite (violet) | little crystal rod A

Kunzit (violett)
Kunzit violett is a wonderfull stone mainly for women to feel young and free again. Best positiv vibrations for your heart and soul.

Serpentine (Chyta) | little crystal rod A

Chyta has a strong calming and balancing effect. It brings relaxation for body and soul. It works positive on the lymphatic system.

Skapolith (1A) | little crystal rod A

Scapolite opens a gateway to our subconsciousness. It reduces me to the essential. He helps you to penetrate into the worlds beyond.

Topaz (triple x blue) | little crystal rod A

Topas (extra blau)
Topas blue is cleansing your soul nearly as well as diamonds. A very helpfull stone for your souls development.