Horus® Crystal Rods for Model B

Horus Kristallstäbe für Model B und Energiearbeit

Crystal Rods model B
Crystal Rods model B

Über 120 Sorten verfügbar, aber nicht alle Sorten sind jederzeit lieferbar.
Preisänderungen vorbehalten - besonders die Edelstein-Preise sind abhängig vom internationalen Marktwert in US $ und dem Wechselkurs zum EURO! Für Kristallstäbe aller Art gilt grundsätzlich der in der Rechnung erscheinende Betrag.

Größe: 42cm lang, aus Polyacryl mit speziellen vergoldeten Messingverschlüssen Ø 20 mm, passend in Modell B unserer Horus® Energiepyramiden. Sie können in das A-Modell hineingelegt werden. Der abgerundete Kopf ist oben.

Agate | crystal rod for model B

Stabilizing the integrity of your physic body, better resistance against negative thoughts …

Agate - banded agate (orange or grey) | crystal rod for model B

Achat - Bänderachat (orange oder grau)
Bands agate is a special form with wonderful rings and ribbons in different colors…

Agate - tree agate | crystal rod for model B

Achat - Baumachat
Tree agate is a mixture of rock crystal and moss Achat. It combines the capabilities of both crystal types …

Agate - Carnelian-Agate | crystal rod for model B

Achat (carneolfarben)
The vibrations of carnelian colored agate is more soulful and soft. It will give you refreshing feelings…

Agate - moss agate (dark or light) | crystal rod for model B

Achat - Moosachat (dunkel oder hell)
Moss agate is a mixture of rock crystal and green agate. It reacts well on the power of your thoughts and will help you to realized it...

Agate - Turitella (snails or shell) | crystal rod for model B

Achat - Turitella
Turitella agate combines the hardness of agate with the creative power of the primeval sea shells and snails. Shielding and creativity!

Actinolite quartz crystal | crystal rod for model B

Aktinolith Quarz
Actinolite-quartz is mostly a very clear rock crystal, lightly marbled with fine needles of actinolite. It may stimulate your mind.

Amethyst | crystal rod for model B

Amethyst has an intense effect on your soul, a positive therapeutic vibration. It will help you to organize your life.