Horus Artworks

Horus™ Spiritual Arts & Magic

What I call "spiritual arts and magic" is a collection of objects and tools which can help us to raise the range of our consciousness. As former talisman and scepter my special tools and objects help us to search, find and feel energetic streams in the natural magnetic field of mother earth.
This may help us to a better understanding of natur, it can give us shelter from negative influences, and it can help us to see more than before.
So my art objects are tools for education in the field of free spirits.

Horus-Energy Cone [model A | Disc 15cm diameter + acrylic tube H15cm-D10cm + acrylic plate + acrylic ring H5cm]


The energy cones react to our thoughts. Once we are focused on, a special force field builds up and protects us.


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