The Irminsul

Irminsul and Pyramidfield, Le Braquet since 1999, Length 240m (Cheops pyramid Dimensions)

Here you will find details on the Irminsul technique:

Irminsul - an old technology for healing of Mother Earth

Working with the energy field of the Earth

The Irminsul - Technology

D. Harald Alke

Feng Shui explains special methods to get more power and more creative energy. In the northern hemishere this flow of creative energy comes from southwest and is going to northeast. We are talking about the so called Curry field, about diagonal floating magnetic streams which have been first discovered by an English dowser Mr. Curry.

I assume that people through all ages knew about those powers. Men have an inner sensor like traveling birds which helps them to perceive those magnetic powers. As demonstrated already in other documentaries human kind have used, changed, and directed the natural magnetic field vibrations through certain earth directions, like the Megalit Cultur, Stonehenge, temples, churches etc. I am sure that especially churches have been placed on such areas where they have found strong magnetic centers. With their pointed towers, partially copper plated, they could capture the magnetic field cascades and bring them down. This way the church may have added cultural fructification into the region if positioned right. The churches were technically high qualified for capturing the powers of the magnetic field.

The old Germans Irminsul have been build for a similar purpose. What is about the Irmisul we talk about wooden columns, trees that have been cut first, cleaned, decorated with a ramhorn and a sun globe to place them in certain locations. The old Germans and Celts made a great effort on this. But we find them cut into stone all over Europe und down to Turkey. Irminsul have been signs of a contract with the powers of mother earth.

Usually conifer was used for the columns up to 100 feet. The "horn" was of hard oak wood and looked like a ramhorn. The old shamans knew that the horns of rams served as antennas which attrac cosmic energy. A great horn was a sign of power, mastery. The ram was imitated. Between its horns of oakwood which connected the stem, a wooden globe of white wood was placed, i.e. ash tree. This is how the world tree was created. Sometimes an iron ring was placed under the horn as a sign that the new contract should last forever and if possible it was gold plated.

On the photography you can see our Irminsul on Le Braquet. I guess that in a subtle energy area the common use of 3 different type of woods, with an iron ring and maybe gold foil represent a type of orgon power generator with which certain powers of nature are activated.

The Irminsul in my opinion is an acupuncture needle which was erected after a conflict to set a sign for a new contract between two cities to be re-connect. They used the magnetic field energy for this purpose. This way new small leylines were created, energetic connections for a better relationship between two locations, to have a better mutual understanding.

Aries Horned, male version

Aries Horned, male version

Aries Horned, female version

Aries Horned, female version
D. Harald & Verena I. Alke in the 9 Meter Pyramid Conditioning in South-France
Tobias O. R. Alke

Modern science found out that all kind of human activities causes changes in the magnetic field of earth. Wherever we build a house or a road, we will find the changes of vibrations in the magnetic field of earth even after 2000 years. So today archeologists are searching with special magnetic field sensors for changes in the magnetic field lines to find old living places even deep in the ground.

When the slave workers were suffering while building a church, later they were fascinated of what they had done.They participated with their effort to a great plan which was prepared by some genious architects. Later the attracted energy (symbolized by the monument itself) attracts also many visitors. The trade booms, and people become rich. The effort was worthwhile.

As well for me in the beginning it was not clear what I had to do, and where my doing would guide me to. I always have been a spiritual scientist. I started to study Kundalini Yoga in 1976 because there were too many unanswered questions in science. As I bought this farm in France in 1978 it was clear to me, that this was a special place to do something extra ordinary. After 2 years I learned to see and feel the subtle magnetic vibrations of the big leyline. Later on I built my first 15 feet high wooden pyramid on a very strong area of this energy. This was the beginning.

A few years later I decided to leave everything as it is, and I returned to Germany. Here I founded my Kyborg Institut, my "Kundalini Yoga Based Organisation" and developed this new type of double pyramid. Then I went on 10 years preparing my greatest pyramid project which will obviously impact the cultural development of Europe. 

What I have done with the biggest energy pyramid is nothing more as if you take a stone and throw it into a pond. Waves are created and whatever comes in touch with them will be moved.

Since December 99 we observe everywhere in our lifes, our friends lifes, and also in public politics there are great changes, cleaning processes, a change of relationships.

In the meantime more than 15 thousand people live and work with my Horus Energypyramids® which I developed by channeling Horus. And the influence of these more than 15.000 pyramids is even much greater because of the enormous large flieds they build up. Without explaining the differences of the 7 pyramid models we can say that the Horus Energypyramids are qualified in a very modern way to build special power places. Horus Energypyramids® create power locations like traditional temples. And the users will give them a personal touch according to their personal believes. In the influenced area of the Horus Energypyramids® we can meditate better through reflection on our inner values. 

I am shure that we are all guided by divin forces. Our path of life follows a great plan. The final results are always in order. Such experiences should make us more devote. We should not spend too much energy on our daily problems. We should not reflect and analyse so much. Instead we should listen more to our inner voice and impulse, which come from insight and pay more attention to them!

Something within our heart knows exactly where we have to go to, and when we learn to bring our inner voice and actions into harmony then our life becomes easier. So I find for the realization of my biggest project until now very modest words. It all has been necessary. It had to be done. Now that this great form has found it's place on earth every human being if sensitive or not will feel the magic powers of the leyline. It will connect him with the natural powers beyond all. The contact with the strongest vibration of nature will bring every human to self reflection. Who finally reflects into him-/herself, cannot be tempted nor irretated. This way every Horus Energypyramid® is a chance for self perception. There are so many great changes on the world through the last 10 year since I raise the first big pyramid of that kind. 

Conscious perception of our energetic bodies is a central part of my seminars and conscious perception of the magnetic vibrations in nature can give new impulse to all human beings. Looking at it this way the Horus Energypyramids® serve as receivers which enhance the already existing powers consciously. We relate differently to it. Who wants to experience what the energy of a leyline means should visit traditional holy places like Stonehenge. Who has confronted himself open minded with these vibrations will find them everywhere in his region. Learn to use dowsing instruments. Who got in touch with these vibrations once consciously, and is sensitive to them, then it will be easier to feel or see the aura of other humans. We are learning every day which locations are good for us in our house or not. We know which objects have good vibrations or not. One can feel the origin of a strange object and it's secret use.

The secret knowledge of the shamans and magicians has always been a raising perception. In the world of sensitive perception other rules and connections apply than in the technical world. Those secret coherences must be explored and used by us. Then our disharmonic relationship to nature will come back into the line of natural laws. And then we will know more what really is damaging nature or which solutions really promise success to heal nature.


Tobias O. R. Alke

Above I mentioned, that all Irminsul are connected energetically by the "Meridianes of mother earth". The same applies to the Horus Energypyramids®. My work within the last 23 years has built a real network where people meditate, practice philosophy, and work on the same level, on a similar wavelength of their mind and spirit. This spiritual work is not bound to any special believe. It's a special help for all open minded people of different religions. When people have to state that they receive by these little pyramids a certain bioactive vibration without any electricity out of the natural magnetic field, people start to change positivly. Their way of thinking changes. Their sight for important relations in natur is increasing. Irretations fade away.

I would like to give you a little example for my subconscious reaction which bring good results.One year ago I felt a need to leave a volumn of about 20 cubicfeet of sand from building our workshop on our farm in South of France on a sunny area. I did not know why, but that was how I wanted it. It was a special feeling to leave the sand at its place. One year later a mass of fence lizards were climbing the buildings and hangars, searching insects, more then ever before. Then my son discovered in this sand again a lot of new eggs from the lizards. In other words, something made me to favour nature because I learned to listen to the voice of nature, even if I did not know what it was good for. The comeback of little animals in natur is a good step into the right direction.

I.e. near the big 33 feet Horus Energypyramid® we have a small purification plant, a basin for all waste waters and rainwater, as well as 3 long sinks coated with foil with a layer of loamy soil and reed. Already within 14 days after activating the installation we experienced a thick layer of alges on the first sink, so strong that the alges reached out of the water over the moisture soillayers. In the 2nd sink we already had a lot of insects, insect larvas, and in the 3rd sink were big water bugs and other adult insects who hunted those larvas.

Within 14 days we have got a biological high active culture, that functiones without technical help and which is able to pick up all waste waters from bath, toilet, and kitchen, and it already produces new life, it does not stink at all, and it attracts a lot of small animals. A microscopic analyses showed a mass of small creatures, radiolaria, and so on. The thick layer of alges in part 2 contents mainly round algas which are forming the big Volvox globes, alge colonies of higher organisation. Now in spring after the installation last summer there are already many frog eggs and salamander eggs in the 3rd sink. Nature captures the new water locations and helps us in an easy way to clear wast waters.

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