The 9-Meter-Project at Le Braquet (France)

On 31 July ´99, after 10 years of preparation, the biggest Horus Energypyramid® in the world has been erected. It is located in French pyrenee mountains in South of France, approximately 40miles south of Toulouse on one of the greatest leylines of the earth magnetic field.


Changing Times - since 1999 - Horus Energypyramid-Park

Horus Energypyramid Model G | 9 Meter | South-France | Le Braquet

Memorial tablet at a largest energy pyramid complex in the world in the French Pyrenees:

Die Realisation einer Idee

Am Beginn des 3. Jahrtausends übergebe ich der Menschheit als Symbol des Lebens die 1. Energiepyramide des Horus.
Die innere Pyramide symbolisiert die Kraft der Erde, die uns hervorgebracht hat.
Die Achse symbolisiert die Kultur des Menschen auf Erden.
Die äußere Pyramide symbolisiert die Kraft des Universums, in dem die Erde ruht.

La réalisation d'une idée

À l'aube du troisième millénaire j'offre à la communauté humaine la première pyramide énergétique d'Horus, symbole de vie.
La partie inférieure symbolise la force de la terre qui nous a créés;
l'axe la culture humain, un produit artificiel et faible; la pyramide extérieure l'univers dans lequel la terre se trouve.

The realisation of an idea

On the verge of the ensuing 3rd millennium I like to present all mankind the first Horus Energy Pyramid as a symbol of life.
The inner pyramid, however, is clearly symbolizing the creative power that is emanating from earth and has brought us into being;
it is completed by a pependicular axis reflecting human culture on earth;
whereas the outer pyramid constitutes the entire universe wherein earth finds itself embeded in its orbit.

Idée, Creation et Réalisation

D. Harald Alke

Technicien Biologique


Merci à tous les hommes qui ont bien compris ce qu'ensemble nous pouvons réaliser grace à la force de la pensée.

Es ist meine Absicht, das Gute im Menschen zu fördern.

I trustfully put this key into your hands which shall be good for the entire third millennium.
Govern it well and take good care of it until


The greatest spiritual Energypyramids project of modern times with 154 m length.

Here flow art and spiritual power seamlessly.

The Pyramidman and the Adventure of Consciousness - D. Harald Alke
Kyborg Institut & Verlag

It took me 10 years of preparation. There are projects that cannot be organized in a technical way when the result should be exact. If we want to have a bridge between mankind, technique, and nature with a positive result, we must stimulate the secret powers of our soul. The new great Horus Energypyramid use the power of the earth magnetic fields and radiates caused by it'sconstruction a subtle impulse. This impulse is floating into the constant stream of the Leyline around the whole world. All beings who live north of it will feel the frequency soon, and will have to confront themselves with it. The impulse serves a new orientation. It is a very gentle but yet powerful impulse. It is as if you have a new unkown gem in your hand. You will try to feel which purpose it could be used for or what you could do with it. And this inner confrontation with a new creative energy can lead to a complete revision of your own values.

You may ask yourself now, in which values we should categorize the creative impulse of the 10 yard Horus Energypyramid®. I think that it's task mainly is the reflection of our own inner talents.

In a straight line from the tall 33 feet high Horus Energypyramid® to the east the biggest installation with 7different Horus Energypyramids® has been activated July 31,1999. The 7 models from 7" to 10 yards height are located on a total length of about 500 feet. The distance between the models are always 3 diameter each of the larger model before. This way we get a special line of view. This line makes the total energy of the 7 different models flow into the leyline. We can say, that the sum of the different pyramid frequencies is being introduced with a certain rhythm into the leyline. This impulse goes around earth on all main leylines of earth, one time in approximately 8 months, caused through the flowing speed of the magnet field streams. That means on April 1, 2000 everyone on earth had recocnized consciously or sub-consciously that a new sound of life has been created. I speak very consciously about a sound (tone), because with a trick I succeeded to change the central acryl axle of the big Horus Energypyramid into a flute which is played by the wind. When the wind plays on it we hear the cosmic mantra "OM" at the small hole below and the air inside is vibrating.

The last tuning with this great arrangement of 7 pyramids was done on August 11, 99 at 12:40 in the moment of the almost total sun eclipse over western Europe. Many people observed that it was very quiet on earth at this moment. The insects were silent, the grasshoppers were quiet, many hushed. Cars were not heard, no animal or human noises. Nature held its breath and adjusted to the new frequency. I was waiting 10 years for exactly that moment, and I am happy that I was able to use this special moment, despite of quite a lot of difficulties. Of the mentioned 7 different Horus Energypyramid® 5 were already operating on August 11, 1999.The other 2 were activated on November 16, and December 28,1999. The installation was supplemented and expanded with an "IRMINSUL" on December 31, 1999.The complete installation has now a length of 750 feet, from the feet of the big pyramid to the IRMINSUL. That is the edge length of the Cheops pyramid. This distance can show visitors what the creators of the cheops pyramid have built 5000 years ago in eygypt. Finally, on January 6, 2000 we received the final construction permit from the French officials. So we were able to finish our great plan which Horus gave me in 1990 just in time.

I do not want to phantasize about the further possibilities or consequences. I rather observe, collect experiences, and I receive new perceptions among other sensitive people. Especially out of personal experiences we receive judiciousness which help us to better understand ourselves and nature.

Mankind has reached tremendous technical results within the last 100 years. But our own souls have suffered from it. Many environmental problems and mental diseases of different social classes are the results of an ideology that wants to prove everything with technical instruments, and further more has lost it's own sensitive perception of everything.

In the last 20 years my interest focused on the leylines and other special effects of the earth magnetic field. It is worth to look less on technical data that we can reach, but to emphasize on our intuition and visions.

Our society is fixed on rational methods, and does not give room for talents like intuition. Rationality leads to a deep distrust for the own inner perception. We can say that general fear is the result of a rational upbringing. The same applies to sickness. None gives us courage, to search for the cause of the illness. Supposely only doctors are able to do so.

It is the same pattern in religion. While natural societies have their own relationship to the beyond worlds and their gods, the christian churches need priest as a mediator. Whenever a system needs a priest or mediator to give spiritual inspirations, the ability to gain new perceptions out of personal power (efforts) gets lost. By technical methods and rational thinking we have got a situation of low security for the whole nation. We need to come back to our roots, to our own mental power and natural spirituality. 

Therefore, it's my personal concern to motivate myself and you to think critical and have more self-confidence.

Only when we rescue our natural inner selfconfidence we can learn to solve our own life purpose. Only if we find a solution to our own tasks, a feeling of pleasure will be experienced. We cannot live out of 2nd hand. 

The most important instrument for our invironment research is our own body and mind, which means our bioenergetic powerfield, which also is called the aura.


Those who work in the area of dowsing / radiestesia shall train their intuitive perception as in the old days. We need to develop a new inner self confidence. Then you will find relations between powers, influences, and results.

The old leylines, the holy places, their secret connections among each other, and with the power of nature were discovered by intuitive natural healers and shamans. I want to express with these words that there already exists a natural based energy technology which has been known by our ancestors. We should come back to this natural technics.

It is important to gain more self confidence into our personal intuition. On this path we will discover coherences which are valuable for thinking and understanding the existing concept of nature.

If you want to raise your own perception you should practise meditation, breathing techniques, and energytraining. When magic rituals have been taught very well, they are a successful path to become again one with the powers of nature.