Model F

Horus Energypyramid Model F

Horus Energypyramid Model F at Le Braquet (Yoga).
D. Harald Alke

Model F (450 cm)

This model is openig an new channel into cosmic regions even stronger than model E. Its vibrations are overcomming the border of space and time which keeps us isolated from space contacts. This special part of the energetic shield around earth has been developed by divin forces to give us shelter. But now we have reached a certain state of development to get more contacts with cosmic forces. All kind of fear about aliens which might attac us are nonsens, are stupid. If an intelligent race has reached a certain level of development they will open their planets vibrations for contact with others. The whole cosmos is living, and is always in development. With the use of Horus Energypyramids we reach a new level of cosmic communication.

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