Horus Energypyramid Amulet

Horus Energypyramid Amulet
D. Harald Alke

Horus Energypyramid Amulett

© An alchemistic masterpiece by D. Harald Alke from Kyborg Institute ®

Horus Energypyramid Amulet with box
D. Harald Alke

An amulet is a little object, made in a special process, produced from special material, made in a special form. An amulet is made to give his owner shelter, security, and special positiv vibrations for a better outcomming on his way of life.

Beginning the 23.rd year of Horus Energypyramid ® I have a new amulet for you! It’s an important magnification of our energy working. It’s distributing the true vibrations of the original Horus Energypyramid®.

The range of it’s magnetic field is at least 3 yards in radius. It’s using the energy out of the network of Horus Energypyramid ® build up all over Europe. With this amulet you are in direct contact with the energy of Horus, the divin child, protecting Earth and humanity. It gives us strong protection and a thrill to do a good job in our life. With this special amulet you are carrying always a Horus Energypyramid with you.

According to alchemistic tradition I have been using 5 essential metals to make it. It’s surface is pure gold 24 carat. It has 60 mm in diameter and it’s weight is 50 g.

The amulet carries on one side the mandala of Horus Energypyramid ® and a red ruby as a symbol of it’s fire-energy. On the other side it carries a true water-wave-strukture and a blue sapphire as a symbol of it’s water-power. The union of the powers of water and fire are called the alchemistic wedding.

The energypyramid-mandala includes the holy 8-corner-bagua of the I Ching. It is surrounded by 8 words of power: Horus Energypyramid ® - Power & Success - Love & Enlightment - Shelter & Security. I have choosen English language, because this language is stimulating our first chakra, the basis of our personal energy and self-security. It will give us the power of survival in difficult situations.

With a necklace of 65 cm we can wear it in the centre of our chest close to the thymus. This is the place of our forth chakra. From here we get the power of love. This power is the best way to manage the duties of the world. You should always wear this amulet when you are going out. It will protect you from all kind of negative vibrations, it is stabilizing your aura, and it will give you a sovereign feeling.

For use in Reiki you may lay the amulet on the picture of a person to whom you want to send positive energy. If you want to make an other experience, just print out a picture from my biggest Horus Energypyramid in France and lay down the amulet on this picture.Try to feel the powers which are coming over you from the biggest Horus Energypyramid in France! What a powerfull energy transfer!

All amulets are charged by us in big Horus Energypyramid ® models. If you have your own Horus Energypyramid ®, just hold your amulet horizontal over the top with the mandala faced down to your pyramid. Keep it for some minutes in the vertical stream of energy of your pyramid. This way it will be initiated by the energy of your own Horus Energypyramid. In bigger models like C and D you can hang on an amulet over the western corner of the inner pyramid. The interaction is raising the energy of your big pyramid once more.

If you once have initated your amulet with your Horus Energypyramid ®, and you bear it, you will always be in contact wherever you go! This way you can use the energy from your pyramid at home at any places all over the world. That’s a great progress in using the energy of Horus Energypyramids ®!

Channeling message from Horus “The amulet is a very good way to reach lots of people. It will remind you daily to the positive powers of the universe. Who can accept this flow of energy will get help from me and all other divind beings taking care for the human race and their development. Use this chance to build up a real network of love. The new amulet is an amplifier to reach thousands of spiritual orientated people. Use this chance for a spiritual living together. The question how good is your living and how good is the outcome of the human race is answered each moment once again. Everyone gets new chances all the time. The universe loves you all if you are able to love yourself. The amulet everyday will remind you that your life makes a good sense, that it is worth living and loving. Take that chance! Love is the power to unite us all. Beleave in yourself, in this world and living, and in love! Sat nam!”

Love and light on all your ways, pleasure in your hearts, may god bless you all!

All the best from D. Harald Alke, Kyborg Institut & Publishing 2012/13

Celina C. Alke wearing a Horus Energypyramid Amulet
D. Harald Alke

Gilded amulet 24 carat with 1 red ruby and 1 blue sapphire 299,- €

Gilded necklace from 12,- to 58,- € on demand

Side of Fire

Horus Energypyramid amulet unites in itself the magic forces for natural powers of fire and water. One side shows the Horus Energypyramid mandala as we see it when we look on such a pyramid from over the top. This mandala is a fine relief of the pyramids struktures. It’s a good feeling to touch the fine golden structures. The mandala contains the holy bagua of the I Ching with it’s 8 corners. The mandala shows a cosmic vibration.

The center carries a red ruby, symbol of the fire energy. Meditate on this wonderfull mandala! If you can concentrate on it in the right way, you will get in close contact with cosmic powers. The Horus Energypyramid® is a gate, a bagua through which cosmic powers may be transferred directly into your world. Feel the powers of the universe. Contemplate it! It contains mighty powers! Those who get in deep relations on it are talking with the creativ energies which have developed our universe. This special mandala is a cosmic source of power.


These cosmic powers are symbolized by a ruby. Ruby is a protector of your soul. It makes you strong and consequent. He can give you protection from negative energies which want to take you away from your own path. Ruby is like the power of love, unresistable. You will do your job more easy. You will have more success. Ruby has a deep effect on your body and soul. Just keep the amulet with it’s mandala side on your breast and meditate. Ruby will give your mind new ideas. In the center of the Horus Energypyramid® mandala it will unfold all it’s powers. This will give you new impulse for your life. Ruby’s planet is Venus, in numerology it’s number 6, love and creative development und some influence from Mercury which in number 5, symbol of perfect communication and business abilities.

If you turn the mandala outside of your body the amulet will give you strong protection. Other people will respect you with honor. Even if they don’t see it, they will feel it’s vibrations. You will keep controle in all kind of situations.

If you carry the mandala faced to your body the strong vibrations will flow through your body and aura. The amulet has a strong and positive influence on the solar plexus. Your solar plexus and a sun power mandala will unite in perfect vibrations. This amulet is really a magic object!

Side of Water

The second side of the mandala shows exactly the waves of water, if we through a stone into. Into it’s center I have placed a blue sapphire. It symbolizes very well the power of water and the flow of energy. If you turn the waterside away from your body, it’s radiations will go around you like a mantle. The waterside vibrations will go out from you into the world including your message for this wonderfull world. It will be the message of your heart. Strange vibrations from outside will be reflected. The process is linke a stone which is falling into water. The water will go aside, and nothing more happens.

Meditate on the waterside. Keep the amulet in your hads, let some light fall into it, enjoy the golden shining. Concentrate on the blue sapphier and dip into the mystic worlds. Everything will be integrated within the powers of the eternal waters and within the light of a blue sapphire.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is an extraordinary stone that shakes the deepest depths of your soul. Blue sapphire is a toning element that makes us strong and focused. Your soul becomes firmness without being aggressive. Sapphire is very close to the powers of water. Water is very soft, but it grinds away the biggest rocks. Water passes so easily, and yet there is nothing better in the processing of red-hot steel. Blue sapphire gives us strong spiritual inspiration. Use it for spiritual inspiration and for reincarnation research. It can awaken hidden memories from the depths of your soul. Sapphire has a very high vibration. It makes you stronger and helps you to optimal concentration.

Sapphire is assigned to Mercury, in numerology it’s number 5. It strengthens our communication with other people and our success. Tarot card 5, the Magus, spiritual wisdom and teaching. The united powers of the 2 sides of the amulet in the Tarot is not only the card no. 11, Magical power, but also card 19, the sun. The two happy children in this card are symbolized by the 2 gems, red and blue, yin and yang.

The water side is the feminine side, the Pyramid Mandala is the male side of this alchemistic amulet. The amulet will help women to develop their femininity, men and leaders to maintain their concentration and perseverance. It will give sovereignty. It protects you from foreign influences and helps you to spread the message of your heart.

The inscriptions

The symbol of the energy pyramid is surrounded by 8 powerful concepts. Consider it carefully. I have choosen English words, because the English language is stimulating the first Chakra, our self- preservation forces, our will to survive.

Above is "north", where the loop is attached. "Horus" is the guardian of true justice. He is the patron god who guards and guides us. To the ancient Egyptians Horus was the eye of justice, the eye in the pyramid, the eye in the sky, from which later the sign of the "Holy Spirit" has been created. Next there is "Energypyramid ®". It brings new vibrations into the magnetic field of the earth. It combines in itself both male and female forces.


To the west "Power & Success", frequently in our hemisphere wind and rain storms come from the west. They bring us water and fertility. They fill us with life, with new energy. This is good feng shui.

To the south is written "Love & Enlightenment", in the south the sun is highest. When the sun shines, we open our heart, our willingness to love and to grow is raising with the pur light. Without love everything is nothing. Only with love we can conquer the world without destroying it. If we are inwardly strong enough, we can let it go without fear. That is the prerequisite for enlightenment. Who's afraid of can not come to enlightenment. Who has got once the chance to experience enlightment is beyond fear. And someday we will all be reunited in love. So to the south includes love and enlightenment.

To the east is written "Shelter & Security", protection. In the east the sun rises every morning. Those who meditate should contact to the east, in the direction from which the fertilizing rays of the sun fall on the ground early in the morning. From there comes the assurance of protection, the power of life and consciousness.

If you own an Horus Energypyramid ®, place yourself every morning for a few minutes on the westside next to her, facing east. Keep your hands over your Energypyramid ®, to the right and left of the top. Set your view to the east, let your energy flow, and feel the sun's rays that enter from the east into the Earth's magnetic field. In these moments, even your Energypyramid ® has a special vibration. If the sun is just rising, you can feel their energy everywhere. This is the mystical power of life! Therefore these strong words are in the East. The fonts are applied as a fine relief, so that you can feel their structure while you are meditating. Group them! Open your consciousness and feel the energy! The amulet gives us a strong sense of safety and security. It connects us with the cosmic forces that created us, who protect us, who promote us, and provide us with energy. Horus protective amulet Energypyramid ® is a masterpiece in alchemistic art.

Alchemical symbolism

Message from Horus: "Alghimista (the old name for alchemy) is the path that leads from the ego into the nature of things, and by activating the inner healing powers the soul unites with God, the oneness of nature within us and outside of us, to restore the integrity of the people, that's true healing! " This force is working in the protective amulet Horus Energypyramid ®.

In the symbolism of the alchemists a circle means the spirit that surrounds everything, from which all things are created. Look at the water side, everything is assigned to the spirit. So the water side exudes this incredible power of the holy spirit. The fire side only contains 2 circles, the outer ring surrounding everything, and the ruby in the center.

Squares and cubes represent the material world. The firing side contains the large square for

the outer pyramid, the small 45 °rotated square for the inner pyramid, as well a very small square, the top of the pyramid that carries the ruby. The three squares represent the three levels of existence on earth, the world of spirit, soul and matter. All 3 forces are within the big circle, and are subordinate to him. They function under the control of the spirit.

Triangles are the symbols of a purposeful intent. Each side of a pyramid is a symbol of the Holy

Spirit, to reach god. Try to count how many different triangles by the interlocking of the two pyramids are created. The concentrated willpower is subordinate to the pure mind. Everything is circumscribed by the outer circle, everything culminates in the central ruby.

It’s a peculiarity of this mandala, that there are still 4 large M visible. M is a wave pattern, a symbol of energy worlds. M stands for the worldwide spread word mother, mama, mamma, and so on. M is the symbol of feminine primal force that created everything and which is represented by water. So in this pure geometry we find again the eternal waves of water from the other side. This is called alchemistic wedding. It is the union of fire and water, the radiant energy that permeates everything,

and the eternal water that can accommodate everything. By the way, the ® symbol is the ancient symbol of the sun god Ra. If one rotates the ® 90 °to the left, it is the chariot of Ra. So the symbol of registered trademarks is dedicated to Ra.

All Chymica - the vibration theory of alchemy

The amulets are made of five metals: zinc, nickel, tin, copper, surrounded by pure gold. Nickel is only in the core, surrounded by three electroplated coatings of other metals. This ensures that people with nickel allergy get any irritation. Thus the amulets oscillating energy contains the vibration of gold, copper, nickel, zinc and tin. These are all essential vital trace elements. Its surface is 24 carat pure gold, the solar metal. Just like everything has come out of the sun, our earth and life, so the circle encloses the pyramid, and so are surrounded by a sheath of fine gold all other metals. The sparkling Amulet of Horus is an image of the sun.

The so called sympathy teaching of ancient alchemists tells us that all things that come from the same source on the spiritual plane communicate with each other. So the amulets are communicating with the network of Horus Energypyramids ® which have been set up in the past 20 years.

With the amulet we can refine and significantly expand the network of Horus Energypyramid ®. You may carry your amulet always with you. You will be connected to the vibrational field of energypyramids ®. This will bring us stabilization of our positive mental powers and give us a tremendous creative surge. With my protective amulet Horus Energypyramid ® I have given the spiritual work a new strong impetus. It is a consistent support for all people who feel connected to Horus Energypyramids ® who seek protection and stimulation that will contribute to the higher development of mankind. It’s a contribution to the protection of life and nature The amulets vibration stimulates a positive way our bodies.

How to use it

You may wear the amulet on a chain or a fine leather band at the end of the sternum, or slightly higher, in the middle of the chest. With a leather strap you can make to the right and left 2 small nodes around the band. The result is a circle that can be regulated in length.

If you wear it in deep position with a necklace of 75 cm it will be connected to your solar plexus behind the stomach. It belongs to the 4th Chakra. It provides strong protection for your center, and it sends your messages to the world. If you wear it in middle position with a necklace of 65 cm, in the center of the chest in front of the thymus it will serves your renewable energy. If you wear it in short

position with a necklace of 45 cm it will be related to the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, the center of higher knowledge.

If you are wearing the pyramid side inward you will get a strong charge of the aura. The shaft's side shields you from interference. A protective field will grow up when you focus on the wave

patterns. The waves reflect the whole environment. The shaft side reflects the whole world.

Turning the waves inside you immediately feel a strong harmonization because the waves are radiating through your whole body with a sense of warmth and harmony. Observers perceive both sides front as strong shielding. With the waves outside it forms a protective shell, with the pyramid outside we get a strong feeling that the user wears an armor.

You can place the amulet in front of you for meditate. In your pants pocket it strengthens the 1st and second Chakra. It protects your basic energy and promotes your creativity. In the shirt pocket it protects your heart. You may place your amulet in its blue box in front of you and protect you this way from disturbing energies, and enjoy the sight

You should always carry your amulet with you if you go out of the house. It shields you from many different vibrations which we encounter everywhere.

For long distance Reiki just put it on a photo of the person to whome you want to send energy. Or you may print out from the internet one of our photo of the great pyramids energy plant in France and put the amulet on it. Feel the tremendous energy that comes to you over here!

For initialization keep the amulet at model A, B, or C for a few minutes with the pyramid side straight down over the top into the vertical current of pyramid energy. Feel what happens! If you own a

Horus Energypyramid ® you may initiate your amulet that way, then you are always and everywhere

related with your own Energypyramid ® at home, if you are wearing your amulet! This way you are using not only the protective and restorative power of the amulet which is available, but also the power of your own Energypyramid ® at home. This is a tremendous step forward in the use of the energy of Horus Energypyramids ®!