Horus Energypyramids

A New Era of Spiritual Technics

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We are beginning a new era of technology with the unique bioactive energy fields from the Horus Energypyramid®: You can purify your living and working place and advance your life´s quallity with the Horus Energypyramid®: Through a screening from geographic zones and water routes, protection from electrosmog by stabilizing your immune and resistance system. Relax and sleep better after the screening from your home with a overwhelming amount of Prana (life energy). (before any kind of use please see our disclaimer!)

With the right feeling for spiritual powers the special bio-active power field of the Original Horus Energypyramid® insures you a high achivement level and happiness in life. Use the creative potential of the subtil energy field to increase your spiritual capacity and to reach your goals. Bring harmony into your working area by reducing human tensions with the harmonious, bioactive powerfields. Gain a new feeling of security and harmony!

1990 in the garden of my Kyborg Institute®, I felt inspired to build two pyramids attached into each other in the middle with an acryl rod (a biological neutral plastic). The double pyramid is 2 yards high, and you can even stand inside of it. Later on I got to know that the inspiration came to me through medial guidence by Horus®. Since then many people have used the Horus Energypyramid® and agree with their reports about a calming and harmonious effect in their housing.

After just a few minutes they feel full of new life and fresh energy. Everybody can feel the living power that constantly flows out of the Original Horus Energypyramid®. We are working with cosmic and earthborn energies. So we stabilize and protect our environment. In the mean time we have 23 years of experience with best results. (1990 - 2013)



Horus Energypyramid Model G - Le Braquet

The sizes we use are the results from a channeling message which I received in 1990 after 14 years of spiritual training (read my special book). The energy of the pyramids is activated through our thoughts. So that we control our future development and our lifes arrangement. People with spiritual experience will soon find out its special powers and abilities.

You can load up your naturopathic drugs and precious stones with the power of Horus energypyramids to intensify their use. Mineral water can be activated with the pyramids energy, and can be used well for better regeneration. 

Let yourself get inspired! Today we face global problems which desperatly need answers. We can only master them, if people who are positivly orientated use their spiritual callings. Often we think that we have no influence on foolisch political and economic ruling.

You will soon experience that with the special craft from the Original Horus Energypyramid® you can reach all your goals and make your dreams come true. Just oneHorus Energypyramid® raises your spiritual potential. By working this way we mentally balance out this unbalanced world, and if we all positively use our gained spiritual potential, we will be able to leave a world for our children that's worth living in.

We must consciously reflect how we originally came to be. 
Cosmic mind lives in everyone. 
We should use it more often in our daily jobs and expressions.

Horus Energypyramid® is a charakter symbol of human nature. It symbolizes everlasting life. The inner pyramid standing on its top represents the powers of earth which is open to the cosmos. The outer pyramid represents the cosmic energies surrounding earth. Both are connected with an organic rod which symbolizes mankind as Gods work on earth.

Horus Energypyramid® are a confension to life: Real life means enjoy your possibilities that a life on earth grants us! Those who cannot enjoy life, need more room in their soul to breathe. Only those who have time to leisure, have inspirations. That's the requirement for every new venture, and the will for new deeds.

A Horus Energypyramid® dekorates your house and garden. It gives it that extraordinary touch, that makes curious because of its originality, its an invitation to leisure. Every esoteric center, every healing center (Dr. offices, Hospitals ect.) that believe in natural healings, should set up a Horus Energypyramid® in their rooms, to intensify and strengthen their work with help of these concentrated natural energys. We can load up rheinstones and medicine or purify jewlery. Reports from non-medical practitioners and naturopaths certify and acknowledge our experiences, also psychotherapist and water-root searchers / diviners, and people with medial and healing talents.

The larger models are,
the more extends its effect in the mental area!

Those who work in the area of dowsing / radiestesia shall train their intuitive perception as in the old days. We need to develop a new inner self confidence. Then you will find relations between powers, influences, and results.

The old leylines, the holy places, their secret connections among each other, and with the power of nature were discovered by intuitive natural healers and shamans. I want to express with these words that there already exists a natural based energy technology which has been known by our ancestors. We should come back to this natural technics.

It is important to gain more self confidence into our personal intuition. On this path we will discover coherences which are valuable for thinking and understanding the existing concept of nature.

If you want to raise your own perception you should practise meditation, breathing techniques, and energytraining. When magic rituals have been taught very well, they are a successful path to become again one with the powers of nature.

North-South orientation of Horus Energypyramids.
Kyborg Institut

At each pyramid an outer wall, a side with the compass north south must be aligned!

Leyline Europe

In the past 23 since 1990 years the tradition of Feng Shui has spread out in Western Europe. Once again we are overruled by foreign traditions, because we have lost the relationship to our own dowsing tradition. The technics of Feng Shui are not wrong, but we should be careful to use the methods of Feng Shui not in a simply copying way as we like to do it with many thing else. Feng Shui is almost taught as in traditional China, but we have other conditions today. So we need to adapt the traditional knowledge from China to our modern way of life.

I had become a biotechnician in 1964. But my abilities for real natural science have been so much limited by our system and its structures. So in 1976 I decided to study Kundalini Yoga as the oldest science of mankind and of our life energy. When we practice this old tradition long enough the  old power and knowledge will be awaken. Within 14 years of intensive training, 3 hours per day I developed my sensitive perception. Through the methods of Kundalini Yoga our body is tuned like an instrument, and with this natural instrument we can build a resonance to all events and laws of nature. Our body will become a very sensitive sensor that can transmit unbelieveable informations and experiences to us. In 1976 I started this special energytraining without knowing where it would end. 1978 I bought an old farm in South France without knowing that 20 years later we would use it for an important project of modern mankind.

With a deep relationship towards nature I soon learned there is an extra ordinary magnetic field stream running through this area. If we want to investigate this powerful stream a simple rod devination is not good enough. The distances are to large. Just sit down on such a leyline and go into meditation, and become one with nature and its powers. Then our perception will flow with the power of the magnetic field stream and we receive an inner perception.

Leyline World

The local rod deviners in this region were aware of this great leyline. It's comming from the South Pole, floating along the East Coast of South America across Rio de Janeiro, passing diagonal through the Atlantic ocean, passing the Canary Island, running through Spain and Europe.

Here in Europe the leyline runs through Madrid, passing south of Toulouse, where now the biggest Horus Energypyramid® park is located, going on to Montpellier, Geneve, Zurich, Augsburg, Pilsen, north of Prague, Lodz in Poland, passing north of Warsaw and so on into direction to the North Pole. I have tried to expose the brief direction on the enclosed drawings.

There are presumptions how many of those great leylines run along over the surface of mother earth. Some authors talk about 12, others about 8. I am sure that these leylines on the surface of earth are also running through the globe of earth and build up a system similar to the acupuncture meridians on our body. It seems to be a very long multiple looped flow of magnetic energy that penetrates earth and surrounds it, as well as the acupuncture meridians are running over our skin, but also within our body.

We should not approach this in a mechanistical way. Only because we know a small part of global energy streams we should not generalize it. On my list of cities I observe that human kind obviously have a 7th sense for natural powers. Many big cities have been built on those great streams of magnetic energy. People feel the energy and they use the creative impulse that raise from it.

When you are ready to listen to your inner perception, you can really become one with the streaming energy from mother earth. In such a moment, during a meditation on such a big leyline, you will discover a strong flow of energy that constantly flows from the south pole to the north pole, at least on that mentioned energy path trespassing western Europe. People subconsciously feel this flow of energy and also natural informations streaming with it. The magnetic stream of a big leyline has informations of a higher class of natural steering for us. It influences us as humans, our behavior, our social and commercial activities.

Energietrichter einer Horus Energiepyramide

In January 1998 a TV report was aired in French TV ‚arte' in which it was reported about the first results of the magnetic field research by help of 2 new satellites. Those observations coincide perfect with the observations of sensitive people. Earth is enclosed with a magnetic field equated in rough and fine layers that obviously is similar to the characteristics of an onion. The rough layers lay a few miles apart. In between magnetic streams fall down like waterfalls or cascades from one level down to the next. These cascades exist in big and in fine areas, from miles category down to inch category.

There are areas on the surface of earth where more of such magnetic cascades are going down and other areas where magnetic streams are floating horizontal. The computer simulation coincide very well with my sensitive perception from my meditation with help of the Kundalini Yoga.

We can make the following conclusions: At the beginning there are always intuitive messages or visions. Sensitive people perceive certain natural powers. This will be noticed in leylines. According to the teachings of Feng Shui the streams of the earth energy and air energy are all running over the surface of earth like rivers each on its special path. The ways of these floating rivers of magnetic energies are caused by geological structures in the ground, like water rivers are using their path in the depth between hills. Today people are not conscious about, but they use the power of the magnetic field to get inspired, to build their cities and temples on these lines.


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