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Horus Energypyramid Model G

A new age has just started! We are learning to use the enormous potential of new inexhaustible energy sources. By combining spiritual experiences, cognitions and the knowledge of ancient cultures with modern technology, new energetic devices with undreamed properties can be created!

The Horus Energypyramid® is  such a discovery. It's the result of a long search for holistic energy concepts, which consider the consciousness and the chakras of a human being. They can give you the possibility to discover what a human being really is, and to develop your mental abilities!

Horus Energypyramids® are compatible with the chinese Feng Shui concept and they are perfect to harmonize and energize your buildings and plots.

Horus Energypyramids® exist since 1990, and meanwhile a worlwide network in 54 countries has arised.

We wish you a prosperous time and a lot of pleasure studying our pages!

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Biological Technical Research

"The most generous developments have been reached, 
where two totally different ways of thinking coincided." Werner Heisenberg


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